Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box – Here’s How Much You’ll Save

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box

The Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box: Even though there may not be a National Pizza Day this week, you may still save money on pizza at any time of year.

During the year, Pizza Hut frequently offers specials and discounts, but one of their greatest offers is the Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box.

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box

The Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box is a convenient package that includes pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, and more pizza.

We’ll demonstrate the savings you’ll see with the Large Dinner Box, contrast it with the Dinner Box, and explain how to consistently earn a discount when placing a Pizza Hut purchase.

The Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box bundles pizzas and appetizers for at least 42% off the regular Price

There are three distinct Pizza Hut Large Dinner Box options, but they all cost $26.99 apiece and feed up to four people.

What’s in the box, then? Here are the choices and the savings associated with each:

Pizza, Breadsticks & Wings Big Dinner Box: $26.99

  • 2 medium 1-topping pizzas, regular price $15.49 per pie
  • 5 breadsticks ($7.09 regular)
  • (Regularly $11.99) 8 boneless wings or 6 conventional wings

You are saving 46% by purchasing the Large Dinner Box as opposed to buying these items separately, which would cost $50.06 total.

Pizza, Breadsticks & Pasta Big Dinner Box: $26.99

  • 2 medium 1-topping pizzas, regular price $15.49 per pie
  • 5 breadsticks ($7.09 regular)
  • Pasta selection (regularly $10.99)

They would have cost $49.06 each if purchased separately, but the Big Meal Box saves you 45%.

Three Pizzas Big Dinner Box: $26.99

  • 3 medium 1-topping pizzas, each regularly priced at $15.49

You would ordinarily pay $46.47 for the 3 pizzas, so the Large Dinner Box results in a 41.9% savings.

Due to the fact that each Pizza Hut restaurant is independently owned, prices are subject to change.

Don’t need so much food? The Pizza Hut Dinner Box will still save you 35%

The Pizza Hut Dinner Box, which should not be confused with the Big Dinner Box, is a combination that serves two people quite well. It includes:

  • Medium pizza with one topping (regularly $15.49)
  • 5 breadsticks, regular price $7.09
  • Cinnamon sticks ($7.99 on average).

In contrast to ordering each item separately, which would cost you $30.57, the Pizza Hut Dinner Box will save you 35.4% of that amount, or $19.76. One of the greatest family meal offers even though the price isn’t as significant as the Big Box.

The best Pizza Hut box deal is the Triple Treat Box

The Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box, a three-tiered bunk bed of goodies, is the subject of many of our comments.

Pizzas, breadsticks, and cinnamon buns abound, and the standard price is reduced by more than half to just $22.99 when you purchase them.

Don’t miss out on this package because it’s only available during the holidays.

Create your own deals with Pizza Hut Rewards

The Pizza Hut Rewards programme is the best way to receive Pizza Hut for free and at a discount. You will receive two points for every $1 spent when you sign up for the Pizza Hut Rewards programme.

You may redeem those points for free pizza, wings, cinnamon buns, and breadsticks. Below are the benefits of each reward:

  • 150 points: Mini Cinnamon Rolls (reg. $8.49) — 11.3% cash-back value
  • 175 points: 8-Piece Boneless Wings (reg. $10.49) — 12% cash-back value
  • 125 points: Cheese Sticks (reg. $8.09) — 12.9% cash-back value
  • 300 points: Large Any Pizza (reg. $20.79) — 13.9% cash-back value
  • 200 points: Medium 2-Topping Pizza (reg. $17.89) — 17.9% cash-back value
  • 75 points: Breadsticks (reg. $7.09) — 18.9% cash-back value

You can sign up for one of the many restaurant loyalty programmes available to earn free food on all of your transactions.

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box Review

FAQs – Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box

How much is the Pizza Hut 2023 Big Dinner Box?

$26.99 for the Three Pizza Big Dinner Package.

What comes in the $20 box at Pizza Hut?

2 medium 1-topping pizzas, 5 breadsticks, and your choice of 8 boneless or 6 conventional wings (where available).

What is the price of Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box?

You can top the pizzas with any one of the many topping options offered by Pizza Hut. Prices for the Triple Treat Box start at $25 and vary by location.

How much is a big dinner box at Pizza Hut?

Big Dinner Package for $23.99 with 3 Pizzas — Three (3) medium, one-topping pizzas are included in the box.

What comes in the $10 box from Pizza Hut?

With the $10 Tastemaker, a huge pizza that you may personalise with up to 3 of your preferred toppings, you can taste whatever you can imagine. Offered on both Hand Tossed and Thin ‘N Crispy® Crusts.

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